Are You Running Your Business Or Is It Running You?

Has the business that you created to provide you and your family more time, more money and more freedom; now consuming all your life and financial resources?


Our proven business coaching system helps business owners like you turn your business around 180 degrees so that your business can provide you with the money, time & lifestyle you want.

Our coaching programs help business owners like yourself build a business around your lifestyle, not the other way around!

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The L-180 Fitness Business Coaching System


Phase One - Design Your Lifestyle

You’re not in business to be in business! You’re in business to be able to have the lifestyle you want. We help you map out your ideal lifestyle & how much it's all going to cost.

We are here to help you grow your fitness business and help you select the optimal business model for you and your chosen lifestyle.

Phase Two - Build Your Fitness Business

Your fitness business will only work if it's built on tried and tested operational systems. We will help you install the exact systems and processes your business needs to succeed

You don't need to waste valuable time and money trying to figure this out from scratch. Success leaves clues, our coaching programs will give you the exact systems your business needs.

Phase Three - Grow Your Team

Once you have the fundamental operating systems in place it’s time to...Grow Your Team so you can leverage yourself and have your team service your clients & members giving your the money and time freedom to grow your business or take more time off to spend with your family

Phase Four - Scale Or Sell

This is the final stage of your business. By this time your business will run like a franchise with or without you having to be there

You will have an asset, a sellable business. You can decide on Scaleing Up Or Selling for maximum profit.

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  • Since working with Lifestyle 180 I have seen real advancements in my knowledge, clarity of direction and business growth.

    Andrew and Nicky are fantastic business coaches, who both offer different areas of experience and expertise.

    Rather than them making you fit into their mould, Lifestyle180 listen to what you actually want your business to look like and work with you to help you get to where you want to go.

    I really appreciate the individual attention that you get as a client and would recommend Lifestyle 180 without hesitation.

    Dan Jones, Instinct Wellness
  • Just wanted to shout out to the Nicky for a truely awesome coaching call. Helped me clarify a ton of stuff around Mindset, Getting Shit Done and changing my state with the biggest takeaway being changing my work environment to avoid distractions. Feeling energised! If your considering working with Nicky & Andrew then take the step... you wont regret it.

    Chris Dicks, Reselution Fitness
  • I’ve had my business for 13 years now and haven’t felt so inspired to move it forward – Thanks Nicky

    Richard Beagle, Talk Sales

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