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Going from an employed position with a reliable income to opening a business with zero income predictability can be a very dangerous step without the right guidance. This coaching program is specifically designed to help you make the transition from paid work to starting and operating your own small business.


There is a big learning curve involved if you are new to business, so it is essential you get some help from experienced business owners and coaches who have been through the start-up phase themselves.

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The Business Acceleration program supports you on your business growth journey like no other program.


In addition to working as part of a small group with your highly skilled and experienced Business Coach, we’ve created a detailed and comprehensive e-Learning platform and built a “members only” hub with heaps of tools and resources making it easy for you to implement strategies as you go


You’ll be joining an elite group of like-minded Business Owners wanting to get long term sustainable results.



The program kicks off with a full one-day workshop with us and other start up business owners. During the workshop we will take you through our “Business Fundamentals Training” which will help you develop the skills of business ownership.


By the end of the day you will have a fully mapped out business plan.


You will also have the chance to discuss your business idea and we will set you simple action steps to be completed in 90 days that is going to help you take an idea and make it into a profitable enterprise.

Work With Your Business Coach

There are many risks associated with starting a new business. There are a lot of things that could potentially go wrong and be very costly if you don’t seek professional advice from the onset.


Thankfully with our BUSINESS ACCELERATOR coaching program, you will be given the best guidance from your own dedicated business coach who will be in your corner anytime you need help.


We will set you tasks and projects that you need to complete and check-in with your coach either on a fortnightly basis. We offer this program online via Zoom Video Meetings

Study-Improve Business


Building your business can also be a very lonely and isolating journey.


We break your Business Accelerator program into a simplified series of 90-day plans. Every quarter you will be invited to join other clients that are on the same journey for a one-day masterminding workshop.


Masterminding groups are very useful as they provide a platform for you to share ideas, solve business problems and inspire you to grow your business making you more wealthy and successful.


One of the most popular benefits of the Business Creation program is the ability to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs 24/7.


It’s a great place to test ideas, ask for recommendations and connect with other business owners on the same journey as you. Plus, the entire Lifestyle 180 team is available to answer your questions quickly.

Who is the BUSINESS ACCELERATOR Coaching Program For?


If you are starting a new business or are a self-employed technician (aka do all the work yourself) but are ready to learn and do the work necessary to develop your business so it’s ready to grow, then this is the program for you.


We tailor make each coaching program based on your business, budget, length of program and lifestyle goals. Talk to a Lifestyle180 Business Coach to find what program is best for you.


What results will I see?


We will help you set up your business and create some order rather than chaos which is why most start-up businesses fail. We help you create workable operational systems so your business runs smoothly and is ready for a growth phase. The program also teaches you the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and business ownership


I’m Ready!


Great! But before we jump straight in, you’ll be assessed through an application process to make sure we’re a good fit. The first step is to book yourself in for a Business Creation Strategy Session. We’ll find out more about your business, and what you’re hoping we can help with, if we can help, we’ll show you how, if not, we’ll politely let you know that too!