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About Lifestyle 180 Creating Clients Workshops

“Revolve your world around the customer and more customers will revolve around you”.
Heather Williams

Calling All Business Owners…

Are You Struggling To Generate Enough New Clients Each Month To Hit Your Targets?

In this One Day Workshop you will learn how to set up & implement a systematic way to Create Clients consistently every single month


So, How do you create great clients?


Contrary to what most people think, clients are not interested in the hours you are going to work on their project.


They are far more interested in the value you are going to deliver.


So, when you are communicating with a potential client you need to know how to convey value to them in order to secure the sale, but here is a tip, the value delivery starts at the first point of contact, not when the project begins.

We teach you how to do this in a way that won’t hurt your business and will also allow you to serve more (and better) clients than you thought possible.

In This One Day Workshop, You’ll Discover How To…


Create Your Personal & Business Vision

It All Starts Here - Knowing ``WHY`` you started a business is CRITICAL

Alignment - How to align your business and personal goals


Conceptualise Your Business

Know Your Destination - You must know your end point!

Reverse Engineer Your Plan - We will show you how to document and reverse engineer a business plan that works


Determine Your Ideal Client

Niche Your Market - Why you should not try to be everything to everybody

How To Identify Your Ideal Client - We will show you how to do this


Craft Your Message

Create Your Marketing Message - You don't need to be an expert copywriter to create a message that will attract your ideal client. We will show you how you can do this


Choose Your Communication Channels

Select The Right Marketing Channels - We will show you how to locate and use the media that your ideal clients are already tuned into


Convert Prospects Into Clients

CRM (Contact Relationship Management - The majority of your client base will come from you CRM. Most businesses don't use this GOLD MINE to their full potential. We will show you how you can use yours to its full potential


Set Up & Use Low Barrier Offers

Get People Through Your Doors - Once they're in, they are much more likely to sign up.

Try Before You Buy - It works, we will show you how to use the system


Use An Educational Based Selling Approach

Selling Made Easy - Don't sell, ask questions and educate your prospects

They Will Sell Themselves - It's all about asking the right questions, we will give you the exact questions you should be asking


Increase Client Retention

Keeping Clients - You can’t build a business if you're losing clients; retention comes down to 2 things, we cover these in the workshop.


Generate Referrals

Create Walking, Talking Marketing Machines - How to build your army of raving fans that tell everyone about you

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